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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies.
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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." the cost of the war in libya becomes clear. there was the stench of rotting bodies in a tripoli hospital. >> what help to clean the hospitals to bring life back to the hospitals. never ever seen anything like this. >> under attack in the nigerian capital. a massive car bomb kills at least 18 people. mourning the death of kandahar's mayor. his family question is whether his sacrifice was worth it. >> i think i have given up on my
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country. i do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> welcome to our viewers on psb and around the globe -- pbs and around the globe. medical staff have been forced to flee. rescuers reached the hospital. they found 21 survivors. our reporter has been to the hospital. his report contains some distressing images. >> what happened here at this hospital over the past amadeus is one of the most terrible incidents of this entire revolution -- over the past
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four days is one of the most terrible incidents in this entire revolution. we were told we would have to wear surgical masks inside for our own safety. the hospital staff ran away yesterday -- days ago because of the fighting. seriously ill people kept being brought in. here, they died of their injuries entirely on treated. -- untreated. the stench of death is too strong, too strong for the efforts of this volunteer. scenes that took place here it by the imagination. in one ward, colonel gaddafi's pictures miles down genially. we cannot show you --
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smiles down genially. when you walk down the corridor, you have to be careful because there is blood everywhere and you can slip so easily. the doctors are deeply shocked by what they have seen. >> the imam told us they need some help. i thought they needed medical help. i wanted to give some medical help to my people. but when i entered inside, there was nobody inside. they want to bring life back to the hospital. >> never ever seen anything like this. >> more of these things are starting to come to light. this is a suburb, silent and largely deserted. we came here with a group of rebels that have taken over the
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area. some gaddafi loyalists have been living here. the green flags are still flying. the inhabitants are probably gone. they have left their mark. they shot down ordinary people who came back to see if their homes were safe. death and more death. new cases are being discovered all the time. >> colonel gaddafi continues to ebay being rebels. -- to evade the rebels. nato has confirmed missiles were fired -- that fired at a large bunker. >> they can expect more hard
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fighting. the rebels are jubilant. thousands of gaddafi troops are expected to make a last stand. the rebels planned to take this with a movement from east to west. all around are signs of the a bands. of the advance. >> one man returned to find his home looted by soldiers. >> where is my clock -- cloth. >> he says this is a small price to pay for freedom. he remembers when secret policemen took away a neighbor. he did not see him for 14 years. >> i will miss my family.
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i will miss my family, who were taken without any reason. >> loyalist artillery has halted the rebel advance. nato is helping with airstrikes. the rebels say they are patient. >> the dictator provoked us for 42 years. he kept changing systems at the six months. every year we said, give him a chance he will do better. he never did. >> what is the kind of new libya you would like to see? >> read them and everybody can do everything they like. we would like -- freedom and everybody can do what they like. we would like to have a different country.
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>> the rebels are a mixture of people who have never held a gun before. students, shopkeepers, businessmen. they are and idealistic but. they talked the language of democracy. -- they are an idealistic bunch. they talk the language of democracy. there are lots of guns in libya today. >> for more on the situation in libya, i spoke to our world affairs editor, john samson, in tripoli. -- john simpson. are the rebels and the transitional council up to the job? >> they are untried. the only people have had experience in government are the people have had experience under
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colonel gaddafi. there are lights behind me all along the waterfront here. they are just about the only lights that are shining tonight in tripoli. the electricity supply has been cut. the water supply has been cut to large parts of the city. the cost of bottled water is absolutely sky-high. theple are driving to b tunesian boarder -- border rather than buy things here. medical supplies are short. >> what about the hunt for colonel gaddafi? can be transitional government a sort its authority bully while gaddafi is still at large? -- assert its authority bully
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while gaddafi is still at large? >> it is not too much of a problem. think about the invasion of iraq in 2003. there was a break in the supply of electricity and water, which was a problem. the dow hussain himself was not -- the dow hussain himself was not the problem. d -- saddam hussain himself was not the problem. i do not think colonel gaddafi will try to influence things here. he will just gradually fade in people's mind. >> john simpson speaking to me from tripoli. in nigeria, 18 people were
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killed when a car bomb ripped through the united nations headquarters. the u.n. general -- you wind capital -- the you can secretary to iran-- the -- the u.n. secretary-general condemned the attack. >> two stories were destroyed and many of those with and. >> the security agents just came around. i saw the whole window shattered. the other portion of the building was actually collapse. >> it is the worst attack on a u.n. building in over three years. suspicion fell on the local extremist group.
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the group called the bbc in nigeria to claim responsibility. this marks a major escalation. up until now, their targets were mainly nigerian officials. they are radical nigerian is lummis. they believe western education -- they are radical nigerian islamists. they have killed 250 people in the last year after a failed government attempts to crush them. the u.n. secretary-general was quick to condemn the blast. >> they devote their lives to helping others. we condemn this terrible act. we do not have precise casualty figures. they are likely to be considerable. >> the investigation has been led by the nigerian authorities.
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the u.n. investigators will want to know how security was so badly breached and why the united nations was singled out with this devastating attack. >> for more on today's attacked and those who may have been targets, i am joined by the director of the africa program for the center of strategic and international studies. this was a high-profile attack. does this group have significant support? >> not clearly. it is still a fairly small group. it plays on disaffection in northern nigeria and alienation from state authorities and the anti-western ideology. the community may not support them. they are alienated from the state and cooperate with security measures. >> are we seeing the influence
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spreading elsewhere? >> they have been focusing on the northeast of nigeria and clashes with police. more recently, they spread to the capital, where it attacked last month, the police headquarters. now there is an attack on the u.n. headquarters. we do not know if this is a shift in ideology or if this is a higher profile tactic. >> we are hearing a lot about the action in libya. is this the sort of group that the u.s. is worried could step in if the power vacuum remains? >> there is fear that they might link up with al qaeda, which is operating in northern nigeria. a power vacuum in libya may
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cause huge armed clashes. the fear is that there might be some ideological link. some reports say there is talk of training. it is worry some to -- worrisome to the united states. there is going to be a security reaction from nigeria, which has been fairly lax so far. a political and economic solution has to undergird that reaction. there is a disconnect between the state and the communities. that is going to be a long-term project to undertake. cooperation with the neighbors in try to break the links between the two groups is going to be important as well. >> we know about islamic
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extremism in other parts of the world. is this a new variance emerging in africa? >> it grows out of that disaffection, poverty, unemployment and frustration that does exist. >> thank you for joining us. in other news, the mexican president has declared three days of mourning after more than 50 people died in an attack on a casino. armed men broke into the building entrenched it with fuel before setting it on fire. tens of thousands of syrians are rallying across the country on the last friday of ramadan. we cannot verify the video posted on youtube. opposition groups say at least two have been killed by security forces. federal of america's
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reserve says the fed will not take immediate action to stimulate the economy. ben bernanke says the government needs to take urgent steps to reduce long-term unemployment. the u.s. economy almost all in the first six months of this year. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come, getting ready for herman cain irene. -- hurricane irene. the japanese prime minister has announced his resignation after 15 months in office. he faced widespread criticism over his response to the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. >> from applause to resignation,
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you japanese leaders get long at the top. kan has been forced out after 14 months. aking way for japan's sixth prime minister in five years. it was his handling of the earthquake that has cost him his job. reconstruction is painfully slow. the ft beshear nuclear power station is still leaking radiation. -- pete shia -- fukushima nuclear power station is still leaking radiation. >> it was a difficult situation. i believe i was able to do everything i should have done. >> his response has been hampered by a political stalemate.
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the men who might be prime minister one day says japanese politics is broken. >> we have got to do something about this. >> japanese prime ministers have come and gone in rapid succession achieving little. the shock of the disaster in the north and the crisis has brought a hunker four strong and effective leadership. you have the expectation that it will get it. >> along the east coast of the united states, residents are steeling themselves for the arrival of hurricane irene. the situation is so serious that the new york mayor has ordered
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the evacuation of 250,000 people. he is prepared to shut down the city's entire mass transit system. irene is expected to hit the coast of north carolina on saturday before going northward to virginia and new york city. >> this teeming metropolis does not do hurricanes. by tomorrow at lunch time, the city that never sleeps will see its entire transit system ground to a halt. new yorkers are being ordered to abandon homes due to the risk of flooding. the sick are shuttled to hospitals on higher ground. up the road, we found resonance of a nursing-home ready to transfer. -- residents of a nursing-home
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waiting to transfer. >> it is a wise decision to evacuate people. >> some are un of space moved. -- unmoved. >> so many strange things have been happening in new york lately. the earthquake on tuesday and now this. i do not know what is going on. >> it is too early to be precise about where irene will make land fall. authorities are erring on the side of caution. they have already seen what this hurricane is capable of. in the dominican republic, irene claimed two lives. a tidal surge slept holidaymakers awful day pier.
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they are braced for a direct impact tomorrow morning. >> if you are in the path of this hurricane, you have to take precautions now. do not wait. do not delay. we hope for the best. we have to be prepared for the worst. >> from space, irene is immense. slightly slower than before. that is of little comfort for those who wait. >> over the past few months, afghanistan has been struck by a series of high-level assassinations. among those was the mayor of can our, who was killed in july. the -living- can a heart -- the mayor of kandahar. i met his family.
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a relentless line of grief as mourners paid their respects to the family of the murdered mayor of can our -- kandahar. this is virginia, where the war is also taking its toll. for her, the pain is particularly hard to bear. she encouraged her father to leave his quiet life in america and return home to serve his people. >> my heart tells me to continue on. it is the legacy by bob has left behind, to help rebuild -- my father has left behind, to help rebuild the country. i have given up on my country. i do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> he confronted death every day
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in one of the country's most volatile regions. he was killed last month by a suicide bomber. his loss was a personal blow to president hamid karzai and the u.s., with which he worked closely. aid workers were among those at his memorial service. >> true leadership is shown by example. throughout my 14 months in can our -- kandahar, i did not meet one person who came close to matching his dedication and his honesty. >> many in this community led to the u.s. during the soviet invasion. like him, many were hoping they might one day return. while his achievements are widely recognized, the mayor's death lee is a troubling legacy.
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>> his loss is a failure to be cut before losing people like him. how many more can we lose. it is disappointing. >> he gave his life for the country because he wanted the peace he had 30 years ago. seeing him die so tragically for the country he loved so much breaks my heart. it dwindles my hopes. because it is our home country, our birth country, we want to hold onto hope. >> the taliban say they killed the mayor. it has not been proven. in afghanistan, violence is politics and they invariably go hand in hand. >> that brings denied's program to an end. -- will leave tonight's program to an end. we will leave you with some images. thank you for watching.
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>> that are firing down the street into the square where gaddafi forces are still holding out. >> do not come to libya anymore. >> the rebels were driven out of the compound this morning. they just stormed back in. they are firing rockets into the middle of the compound, where i am going now. let's go. let's go.
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